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We´re Around SP and since 2010 we´ve been offering the most amazing and varied Tours & Experiences within São Paulo city and its surroundings.We live in one of the top 10 largest cities on the planet, a constantly changing place and not always easy to explore! Alongside one of our Expert Guides, you will be able to relax and enjoy memorable times that will bring you a more complete and in-depth view of our hometown.With more than 20 different itineraries available our team of Guides includes former journalists, lawyers, engineers, historians, geographers, among other professionals with a broad general culture about Brazil and the world.For the best 10 years, we've continually ranked #1 for service, excellence and outstanding value. This year is no different – and we’d like to take an opportunity to thank you for making our last 10 years so amazing.We look forward to showing you our city and region, get in touch!

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We strive to be the highest rated tour company in São Paulo

Our Team of Guides

One of our biggest concerns and a Top Priority is the quality and competence of our Tour Guides.They come from a wide range of professional areas, all of which share a common love for the city of São Paulo and the pleasure of introducing the city to all who visit it.We believe that your visit can be better with the accompaniment of our professionals, who act as facilitators, translating and helping to unveil the attractions of this great and vibrant city!

Dóris Kertsmann

Tour Guide
Born and raised in São Paulo, Dóris is a former attorney who found easy to become a Tour Guide!She´s been sharing her love for São Paulo for the past 10 years and her field of interest are Arts & Architecture, History and Gastronomy.

Renato Goés

Tour Guide
Graduated in journalism, Renato found his passion once started working as a Tour Guide.He has specialized in giving Street Art Tours, which he founds as one of the best ways to unveil the city of São Paulo

Luis Paulo

Tour Guide
Graduated in Tourism, Luis loves the idea of of being with people from different countries and cultures and he is able to constantly have that working as a GuideHis passions are History, Arts & Architecture and Coffee.


Tour Guide
Born in Italy, Rocco defines himself as a World Citizen.A former Enginner who loves to guide travellers throughtout São Paulo, he loves giving Eco Tours, History and Gastronomy experiences.


Tour Guide
Being a Guide for over 15 years, Dennis does not regret of quiting his Marketing job.In love with Nature, he loves offering Day-Trips to some of the most beautiful beaches and nature reserves


Tour Guide
Native from Israel and graduated in Biology, Adi was introduced by a friend to the Tour Guide´s profession. Since then, he fell in love with the profession and never stopped.Today, he is one of the most loved tour guides in São Paulo and enjoys sharing the history of Jewish Immigration in São Paulo.


Tour Guide
A Fan of Martial Arts, Fábio believes that one of the best things about being a tour guide is to be able to have contact with people from all over the world.Fábio loves to show the wonders of São Paulo but is always ready to show the best beaches near São Paulo to those who prefer a rest from the hustle and bustle.

Renato C.

Tour Guide
A very versatile person, Renato enjoys the most varied activities from kitesurfing to new exhibitions at Contemporary art galleries.A guy who loves to study and update his knowledge, Renato graduated in tourism, International Relations and is currently taking post grad studies in French language.