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Reasons to Visit São Paulo, Brazil

Reasons to visit São Paulo, Brazil Over the years, I have heard from many travelers, mainly foreigners, who had hesitated to visit the city of São Paulo. The reasons were the most varied, from the violence, to the lack of … Read More

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Best Day-Trips from Sao Paulo

It is known that the city of São Paulo has hundreds of tourist attractions, for the most demanding tastes. There are hundreds of museums, cultural centers, theater and cinema rooms, as well as thousands of bars and restaurants of all … Read More

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The 6 best Spots to see Street Art in Sao Paulo

São Paulo has become a reference in the art of Graffiti and Street Art, being home to many internationally renowned artists! Currently, it is difficult to visit the city and do not come across its numerous murals, graffitis and interventions, … Read More

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The Top 10 Things to Do in São Paulo

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and one of the largest on the planet! This, however, is not a reason to intimidate you, without knowing where to start. To help you, we have made a list of the … Read More

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How to get to São Paulo from GRU airport?

Unlike many global cities, served by an extensive public transport network, the city of São Paulo still has limitations that are not easy to overcome for those who visit it for the first time. Adding this to the fact that … Read More

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