Covid 19


We look forward to seeing you soon!

The World has changed due to a Virus and we need to change to adapt to this new scenario! We know it is extremely important that travelers feel safe and comfortable when hiring any tourism services.While it is not possible to completely eliminate the contagion risks of COVID-19, we are doing our best to mitigate the risk of contamination for our employees and customers. For this, we created an Operational Plan with guidelines and procedures that aim to protect everyone in the best possible way.We are closely monitoring the guidelines of local health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) and we highlight below what measures have been adopted by our company so far (changes can be made, since information is updated over time).Finally, we are proud to say that our company obtained the “Safe Travels” stamp issued by the WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) and “Responsible Tourism” issued by the MTUR (Ministry of Tourism of Brazil), in recognition for Best Practices adopted to offer the safest experience possible for our customers.We hope to have you back in our city as soon as possible and look forward to introducing you to all the wonders of São Paulo city and state!

Guidelines requested for our Guides

The following health prevention measures will be carried out by our Guides, throughout our services

• Use of masks or facial protectors that cover nose and mouth.

• Practice of social distancing of 2 meters, whenever this is possible.

• Avoid greetings with physical contact, including handshaking.

• Make frequent use of Hand Sanitizer throughout the tour.

• Make use of a Healthy hygienic label when coughing or sneezing.

• Our Tour Guides will not conduct tours, under any circumstances, if they have symptoms related to COVID19, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, among others.

Guidelines required for our Guests

The following health prevention measures will be requested from our customers

• Use of masks that cover nose and mouth.

• Practice of social distancing of 2 meters, whenever this is possible.

• Avoid greetings with physical contact, including handshaking.

• Make use of Hand Sanitizer throughout the tour: this item will be available free of charge by our company.

• Make Use of Healthy Hygienic label when coughing or sneezing.

• No types of printed materials will be distributed

• For the safety of everyone involved in the tour, customers who show symptoms such as cough, running nose, shortness of breath, fever, among others, will not be allowed to join the tour. If this occurs, we will indicate the nearest Health Unit to obtain the proper diagnosis.


How will the Tours happen?

We will monitor all the places visited in our itineraries. Sites that do not adopt security protocols against Covid19 will not be visited during our tours, temporarily.We will also avoid visiting places where there is a large concentration of people and organize our itineraries so that each attraction is visited during periods when there is less movement of people in each one of the sights

Measures for our Vehicles

Our vehicles will be disinfected and sanitized before and after each service. Check below what we are doing in order to protect you

• The capacity of our vehicles was changed in order to guarantee a proper distance between our professionals and our guests

• There will be information signs inside our vehicles about preventive measures to be adopted to reduce the contagion of the virus, as well as signs informing about blocked seats, created to keep the distance between our employees and our guests.

• We will provide free Hand Sanitizer.

• Trips will take place with open or semi-open windows in order to renew the air inside the vehicle.

• We ask that, for any type of baggage or purchases made, they are handled by the customer himself, in order to avoid the increased risk of contagion.

Payments and Tips

We made some changes to our payment and tipping methods in order to avoid unnecessary physical contact

We have changed our payment methods and are now processing online payments,  in advance. You will be able to choose from the most varied forms of online payment, such as credit card, paypal or bank transfers

In order to avoid contact with money, we ask our guests, if they so wish, to use some of the money transfer applications for tipping, such as, Venmo, Square Cash or Paypal

Cancellation Terms & Policy Updates

We adopted some changes to our Cancellation Terms, in order to make us more flexible in times of pandemic. We know that in the current context it is more difficult to plan a trip due to the uncertainty of how things will happen. Below are some changes already implemented.

Our usual Cancellation Policy required a period of at least 72 hours for refunds to be made without charging any fees. Our new Cancellation Policy entitles you to a full refund in case of cancellations requested up to 24 hours in advance. We will not ask for the reason for the cancellation, just send us an email within the announced period and we will refund your payment.

In case of cancellations with less than 24 hours there will be no refund of the amount paid.

Health & Hygiene Protocols

We have adopted health and hygiene regional and global standardised protocols in order to make our guests' experiences safer and more peaceful

This Stamp allows travellers to recognise companies around the world which have adopted health and hygiene global standardised protocols outlined by WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) .

The global protocols to recover the Travel & Tourism sector have been embraced by over 1,200 companies,  ensuring safety and hygiene of travellers are the top priority. 

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The Ministry of Tourism launched the Responsible Tourism stamp, a program that establishes good hygiene practices for each sector segment. The shield is an incentive for consumers to feel safe when traveling and going to places that comply with specific protocols for the prevention of Covid-19, positioning Brazil as a protected and responsible destination.

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